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In the ancient lore of 80s cinema (and 90s TV), the Highlander is an immortal Scotsman engaged in a war against other immortals for survival. Ironic that an immortal would need to battle for his own survival, right?

Life imitates art. We humans aren’t born immortal, but it’s in our control to fight for a longer, higher quality life.

A real-life Highlander is someone dedicated to maintaining, or even enhancing, physical capabilities in defiance to the natural decline of age.

That’s what this blog, The Highlander, is all about.

Who writes this?

I’m Doug Clinton, co-founder and Managing Parter of Deepwater Asset Management, a growth investment firm. For the last decade, my primary hobby has been competing in strength sports from powerlifting to strongman to bodybuilding. Now in my late 30s, I’ve suffered from age, injury, and life (work and kids) while maintaining my ability to train for strength at a high level.


I plan on not only remaining strong but getting even stronger into my 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. The goal to stay stronger for longer will require new methods of training and an embrace of practicing for longevity. The Highlander will share my exploration into the intersection of serious strength + longevity — strongevity.

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Strength athletes and enthusiasts interested in living stronger for longer.

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The Highlander helps strength athletes live stronger for longer by exploring how to add longevity practices into serious strength training.


Cofounder and Partner @deepwatermgmt. We invest in growth. Strength enthusiast. I lift heavy rocks for fun, so this can't be investment advice.